Professional client confidentiality is essential. Full names and addresses are therefore never disclosed.

Dear Keith, I just wanted to share some good news. I recently started a new position and I am happy.

It is the fruit of your support and I wanted to share that and thank you again for accompanying me in this change – which was not easy but it allowed me to grow on a personal level and set new priorities in my life.


February 2023, Netherlands

Thank you for all your help and guidance. I wanted to let you know that I have now been accepted by two universities to start as a student in the Fall.


February 2023, Luxembourg

I contacted Keith after quitting my job and deciding to change my career path. He’s very open and friendly and helps you to think out of the box. He helps you to find your own passions and inclinations, which are key points for success in a job. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a guide in his/her career path.


January 2023, Luxembourg

I originally met Keith through a Group training  at my company, and then I personally reached out to him during a critical work crisis, which happened just over a year ago. We have been working together since then. 

Reflecting back, it is difficult to explain what would have happened to me if I didn’t have his wise council, caring words and attitude, together with a “bucket full of useful tools” that facilitated me to go through a self-discovering journey, finding reasons and explanations for who I am, what I stand for and why I react in certain situations the way I do, including my trigger points.  

With Keith’s help, I have managed to find the better version of myself, learned different coping mechanisms for effective communications and have seen a significant positive difference in my relationships, both at work and private life.

Fast forward one year, and not only have I managed to sail through my crisis, but I also feel more confident in myself. 

I look forward to continue working with Keith on my journey and I have no hesitation recommending his services to anyone who may need a helping hand. 

M.M. Senior Manager 

January 2023, Luxembourg

I contacted Keith as I was lost in my career. I was not feeling appreciated despite all the efforts and loyalty I gave to the organization. 

Not only we worked on my career but also on defining my values and life purpose. 

He helped me build confidence and thanks to his experience he supported me with tips and best practices to improve myself. 

Thanks to the coaching sessions, I changed my state of mind and this allowed me get a better opportunity at work. 

If you feel lost and need guidance, I highly recommend you invest in yourself and contact Keith.


December 2022, United Arab Emirates

I was in a pretty dire situation at work, that left me physically drained and exhausted. Even Though I enjoyed the work itself, the conditions required me to start looking after my health.
Having worked for the company most of my career, I was hesitant to move on to something new.
The decision was made to change careers, however Keith helped me see it in a different way. Not a decision to be feared by a decision to celebrate. Being an extremely friendly person, he made me feel comfortable at each meeting, allowing me to open up
with my fears and worries. I began to understand more about myself. Where my weaknesses lie and where my strengths are. And how to exploit those strengths. With his advice, I was able to have a more
calm approach to situations and challenges, not only at the workplace, but also in my private life. I am very grateful for my sessions with Keith. Life lessons usually take a long time to learn, however I feel
that I’ve learnt some important life lessons with just a few sessions with Keith. I thoroughly recommend his sessions. Thank you Keith.


October 2022

Working with Keith has been the most enjoyable collaboration. Besides many years of experience Keith has a natural ability to relax you and to get you talking about how you are feeling, your hopes and aspirations for the future. He very gently teases out the ideas and leads you towards the actions and commitments needed to take forward steps.

I left every session with a list of actions needed to grow and go forward, but also a sense of responsibility to deliver on the actions before our next session. It has been a real pleasure to work with Keith and I happily endorse his skills and approach and would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and colleagues who need a calm head to guide them along the path.


September 2022


In my experience the best career coaches are those who have already had at least one career. Keith is an empathetic and insightful career coach whose coaching and mentoring are indeed anchored in an already successful professional life. As a result I found his support and advice much more valuable given that he has already encountered and negotiated many of the issues that I wanted to work on during the course of his own career.


August 2022, Oxford UK


In Ultramarathon Sports a runner typically brings a pacer to the race. A person that runs with him for a certain distance of the race, to keep him focused and in line with the race strategy. My job search journey was a painful and terribly long Ultramarathon, however, for the last and most difficult part Keith joined as my pacer. I am very thankful for his invaluable support to get me across the finish line.


July 2022, Germany


Coaching is a tricky business, a fine line on the border between psychology and practical support in designing your work life. Keith moves naturally and confidently along this line, urging you to check your desires, turn them into actions or set them aside if not true.
I thank him for his ability to adapt to my character and needs at a pivotal time of transition.


April 2022, Italy


I passed the interview and got accepted into the Academy! I want to thank you once again for your help and work. 


February 2022, Italy

Working with Keith has brought me more clarity, confidence, and courage to take the next step in my career. He was very methodical and patient in guiding me through the process of self-assessment and reflection. Subsequently I landed an important job interview and his advice was instrumental in helping me prepare for it. I’d warmly recommend Keith to anyone looking for the next professional challenge.


January 2022


BIG THANK YOU for the successful coaching sessions we had this year ! They really helped …


December 2021, Luxembourg


I can already explain how much you help me to figure out what I should keep go, where I am not wrong, where I should focus, where I should seek to go or where are my own internal resources. I faced a difficult situation but now I am happy on how I react to it and with my current situation improved on all aspect of my life. I learn to do & act on what is in my hand and to not wait for people not going my way or with me.

Thanks again for your listening and your support as coach that I really appreciated!


December 2021, France

My wife bought me sessions with Keith for my birthday. At first, I was very skeptical about the concept of a ‘coacher’, but surprisingly I got my ‘value for money’. I recommend! Thanks Keith!


October 2021


It was a pleasure working with you. It’s remarkable how our conversations helped me thinking and make the abstract challenges towards my next job seem more tangible.


July 2021, Luxembourg


Thanks for all your support. Michelangelo said the form is already in the stone, it just needs uncovering. The chats have made a surprising difference in ways I could not predict – and independently commented upon by others.


June 2021, Luxembourg

I knew I wanted a job change and was determined to succeed, however I had no idea where to start from. The job market had changed drastically since I had written my last CV, updated my social media profile and written a motivation letter.  

What struck me most with Dr. Amoss was the simplicity and the easy accessibility (both in economic and in content terms) of his programme. His diverse work experiences and his visibility on the Luxembourgish job market were also factors which I considered when deciding to go along. He enabled me, rather than doing it himself, by giving me homework and excercises and if I had to do it allover again – I now know exactly how to go about it! He also helped me to eliminate my unnecessary fears and pre-exisiting inhibitions.

During the sessions we worked together on giving structure to and shortening my very long and convoluted CV, by literally eliminating all the noise and keeping the pertinent facts, we enhanced my Linked-In Profile and we also worked on my interviewing skills and positive/professional image.

What really struck a chord with me though was the element of humour which came along with all of this as well. I remember feeling relieved and light hearted after each and every session – as if I had moved that little bit closer towards my goal, which I achieved beginning of 2021.

Thank you for your excellent services Keith. I highly recommend them.



April 2021

I had the chance to work with Keith in different scenarios:

Through the different leadership trainings he professionally provided to one of the companies in which I have worked and, especially, through personal coaching when I decided to call him in a very critical period of my life.

I was confused, clearly off-track and with his natural empathy and experience, he helped me to progressively get back on my wheel of life.

With his high level of professionalism combined to his empathic and particular way of coaching, I can only say that it’s been for me an amazing and unique journey.

I plan to continue working with him until he will retire (hopefully not too soon! ).


March 2021

 I must confess that initially I didn’t understand the need for a coach, but I was lost in the job market and decided to talk to Keith. Through insightful questions and different points of view, I was able to recognize what was important to me and where I could improve myself. Keith also guided me through a difficult career decision, and this made it much easier.

I truly recommend him.


January 2021, Luxembourg

I was seeking external guidance in a very stressful moment of my career, apart from wearing too many hats I was not getting the traction to grow. Keith was there from the beginning, helping me achieve my full potential by enabling me to stop and to let go in order to move forward. Keith’s questions and small stories were always on point. Instead of changing, what I thought was wrong with me, Keith helped me embrace and understand myself better, helping me through a promotion and a change of role. I cannot thank him enough.



Senior Manager, 2020, Luxembourg

I approached Keith when I was very confused about how to move forward in my career. Being self employed comes with its own challenges, but most of all the challenge of decision making for your ownself. Keith was so warm and friendly to talk to. He understood my issues very well and guided me in identifying the right direction. I could bounce off my ideas, my fears and dilemmas very safely and openly with him. Thank you Keith for the support, guidance and patience.



Luxembourg, 2020

I had a burnout, which resulted me in re-evaluating my life and my career. I have experienced several professional helps to recover and find my route. Besides his great experience and qualifications, what distinguished Keith from others is his caring and genuine approach. He is a natural, and helped me to find my real self again. I bet that you will find yourself in a different position, if you work with him. Since our sessions started, in less than a year, I am on a different career path in the same organisation and I changed my life style. He helped me to find the better version of myself through various coaching and mentoring methods. I will continue to consult him as I go through my new life journey.


Senior Business Analyst, 2020, Belgium

I just wanted to take a brief moment to mention a few things about Keith. Not only does Keith possess a great personality and a wealth of experience, he is also an extremely effective coach. More accurately, I have worked with a number of coaches during my lengthy career and it needs to be said that working with Keith has been one of the most positive experiences so far. Keith is able to focus on the true issues, provide positive, useful and practical guidance, while forcing his client to remain focused. He is thoughtful and pragmatic, with a treasure-trove of knowledge and useful resources. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone looking for either a change in direction in their careers or to help define their career objectives.

Mike P. 

CEO, 2019, Luxembourg

I have had the pleasure to work with Keith at the beginning of 2018. I needed professional help to see where my career was going, as I had been disillusioned with my professional life for some time. Keith was able to see behind the facade and uncover both my weaknesses and strengths. He has formidable insight into people’s personality and can see the real you within only a few sessions. He can also identify the core issues that are holding you back from a fulfilling professional life. His warm and approachable style means it is easy to open up and have meaningful discussions. He has given me lifelong advice on behaviour that needed change and acted as a catalyst. He has given me the opportunity to believe in me. Thanks to him, I have been able to successfully enter a new profession while at the same time studying for a fully accredited qualification in my chosen field. His work is life-changing, inspirational and necessary for anyone who wishes to change their professional life for the best or who simply want to become a better version of themselves. I highly recommend his services.


Keith coached me at a period of my life where I needed to decide whether to continue on the same path already started in my career or to change direction. I was at an impasse in both my personal and work life with low self-confidence and finding it difficult to see the next steps clearly. Keith’s patience, understanding and unmitigated support motivated me to look at where I was and where I wanted to be in the future and then helped me define the best route to get there. Keith’s impeccable coaching skills helped give me the confidence to further develop myself and to venture out of my comfort zone and have a more ‘can do’ attitude. Through his skills he helped me to keep focused, on track and to look at life from a different angle and as a result I now feel more confident and satisfied in both my work and personal life. Thank you Keith.
Annette W.

Human Resources, Brussels, Belgium

I had the opportunity to work with Keith earlier this year and found the experience enlightening. Our coaching sessions were initially focused on my career development but they naturally progressed to a deeper understanding of what was holding me back. With his help I was able to gain a new clarity and confidence – an incredible success!
Stacey O.

Senior Administrator, Luxembourg

Coaching and mentoring are hard wired into his DNA. He doesn’t just know it – he lives it. Dr Amoss has the rare ability to recognise inert or raw talent in others and the courage to back his intuition , He encourages them to grow into roles they might not otherwise have believed possible. His ability ranges from 1-1 focussed interventions to creating bespoke team development opportunities and organizational learning. His wisdom and guidance is offered sensitively and always with the client’s goals in mind. There are many in my organization who, knowingly or otherwise, have Keith to thank for enabling their personal growth and fulfilment. I know personally this to be true, I am one of them.
Garry H.

Head of Organisational Development, Stavanger, Norway

Dr. Amoss is a fantastic career coach and has earned my highest recommendation. He is passionate about coaching and helping people reach their career goals; this was clearly evident during each session. Using his advanced emotional intelligence, coaching expertise and attentive listening skills, Dr. Amoss is able to make precision adjustments to thoughts and behaviors enabling his clients to reach their career objectives in a focused and enthusiastic manner.
John A.

Senior Analyst, USA

Hiring Dr Amoss is without a doubt the best decision I have made for my business and myself.
I came to Keith with specific areas of my career that I wanted to improve. He listened, helped me devise a strategy and …next thing I knew I was taking positive actions outside my comfort zone. He has helped me to make rapid, measurable and positive changes: I am now diversifying the portfolio of my company’s services, I have significantly increased my professional network and most importantly, I know the precise direction I want to go.
I respect Keith highly for not simply telling me what I want to hear. Instead, he has the great ability to calmly and constructively challenge my preconceptions. Although Keith has many clients, he remains current and focused on the specifics of what is happening in my life and business. He makes the effort to accommodate my ever-changing schedule. I truly value his laser-sharp insight and straightforward approach.
Thank you Keith.
Iwona A.

Business Owner, The Netherlands

Following my maternity leave and time away to raise my child, I was feeling uneasy about a return to work.
I also felt the need to do something different from what I had done before. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have had the amazing guidance and support of Dr Amoss at such a time. He was so easy to talk with and truly understood my issues. He has a great sense of humour as well as knowledge which made our meetings such fun. He put things into perspective and balance for me. As a result, with Keith’s support, I am at a great place in my life not just my career.
Nadia O.

Political Scientist, Germany

You really need to meet Keith Amoss to feel his positive energy, unique abilities, and genuine interest in helping people. Keith has mentored me at different points of my career and brought out the very best in me. Anyone who has had the good fortune to work with him has only great things to say. The fact that he has excelled in the most challenging of positions in his own career, is testament to the experience can bring to you. If you need a coach and mentor who is professional then Keith is the one for you. I cannot recommend him more highly.

International Civil Servant, Luxembourg

Keith has the depth of understanding backed by professional qualifications to coach and mentor in a truly meaningful way. He creates an environment and atmosphere to guide you to the point of deep reflection and self realization. Keith takes his time and puts a lot of work into his clients until the rewards become self evident. I would recommend Keith to anyone looking to find purpose and direction in their careers, be it a time for change or a new view of your current situation.
A. F.

Director, Financial Institution, Luxembourg